VORTA for Biocatalysis
Biocatalysis is the use of enzymes to catalyze chemical reactions, and it has become an important technology for various industrial applications, including pharmaceuticals, food, and biofuels.

VORTA can be used in biocatalysis to improve the efficiency and selectivity of enzymatic reactions.
Shear forces generated within the vortex flow can improve the mass transfer of the substrate to the enzyme and enhance the mixing of the reaction mixture, leading to faster & more complete conversion of substrate.
Inward vortex of VORTA is unique to improve the selectivity of the reaction by providing a controlled environment for the enzyme, reducing the formation of unwanted by-products, and enhancing the stability and activity of the enzyme. The required shear can be controlled by tweaking lot of design and operating parameters of VORTA.​
Are you already using bio-catalysis for various applications, including the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates and considering process intensification to differentiate yourself from your competitors ? Please get in touch.
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