for R&D Services​
Are you looking to gain a competitive advantage in the market, improve your existing processes or technologies, and develop new business opportunities with us that involves leveraging unique features of VORTA ? ​ ​

We have an experienced team of scientists, engineers, CFD and innovation experts who can help you to accelerate​ your R&D projects. ​


Partner with us!​

By combining VORTA’s clean-tech with R&D services, we can swiftly bring about the innovation inside the companies with an outside-in approach. ​

​ Over the years our team has gathered a deep expertise in the fundamental as well as applied ​ understanding on the different product-market combinations wherein VORTA’s unique design and operating parameters can be tweaked for the customized requirements. ​

​ By leveraging VORTA’s unique features combined with our scale-up expertise and resources such as flow modelling techniques with CFD, companies can accelerate their innovation efforts and respond more quickly to changes in the market including any sustainability challenges. ​ ​ ​


We can also tailor make VORTA to your requirements and can help you in accelerating your R&D journey. ​

Conduct Trial Runs with VORTA Vouchers​


1 year of validity​


Consultancy up to 50 hrs

2 VORTA trials at our premises

Maximum 4 Samples

5 % Discount on the Next order


1 year of validity​


Consultancy up to 100 hrs

5 VORTA trials at our premises

Maximum 10 Samples

10 % Discount on the Next order


1.5 years of validity


Consultancy up to 120 hrs

15 VORTA trials at our premises

Maximum 25 Samples

15 % Discount on the Next order

VORTA Trials​

Conducting Lab Trials with VORTA​

  • We need 7 liters of sample for the trials.​
  • All the Analyses at the cost of the customer​
  • MSDS of the sample is a must to share​
  • Under very exceptional cases it is also possible to rent the VORTA Lab reactor at your premises​
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