VORTA for Process Crystallization

Application of VORTA as a cavitation enabling technology in the process of crystallization offers variety of advantages such as excellent crystal purity and reduced crystallization cycle time.

The specific characteristics of the solute and solvent system should also be considered to ensure compatibility and maximize the benefits of VORTA. 


Effective Nucleation​

The intense shear forces and high-energy zones induced by VORTA in its vortex core help initiate the formation of crystal nuclei. This can lead to more efficient nucleation, reducing the formation of undesired impurities and promoting the growth of desired crystals. Controlled vortex further enhances the controlled nucleation.


Intense turbulence  created by VORTA promotes the transport of solute molecules facilitating supersaturation. The increased mass transfer rates enable faster crystal growth and can result in higher product yields whilst reducing the required processing time.

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