VORTA for Cell Lysis​

Cell lysis is the process of breaking open cell membranes to release the cellular contents. It can be useful for extracting proteins, nucleic acids, and other biomolecules from cells of bacteria, algae, yeast for industrial purposes. Further, it may be required to inactivate such microorganisms in the spent waste streams generated in various industries.

High pressure shockwaves that are generated inside the vortex of VORTA can be used to break open cell membranes. 

VORTA harnesses the rotational flow which creates a unique possibility to modulate the shear attributed to the collapsing cavities to minimize damage to the biomolecules of interest​


Macroalgae have a tremendous potential to become an important renewable resource for valuable biomolecules and chemicals such as proteins, pigments and lipids


Combination of vortex and the controlled micro-bubble cavitation in its core is unique to VORTA in improving way of cell disruption to enhancing rate as well as yield of extraction of valuable products from macroalgae.

VORTA has resulted in 3 to up to 20 times improvement in the rate of extraction of phycoerythrin (colorant), proteins and carbohydrates ​from marine macroalgae, Palmaria palmata, when compared to that of stirred vessel.

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