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Extraction of Biomolecules from Microalgae

Unlocking the Potential of Microalgae with VORTA Technology

Date – 2 October 2023 Microalgae are increasingly being hailed as a rich source of high-value biomolecules useful in various industries, from biofuels to pharmaceuticals [1]. However, the challenge lies in efficiently extracting these biomolecules. Hydrodynamic Cavitation and VORTA technology promise to redefine microalgae processing and help unlock their full potential. Traditional methods for processing …

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VORTA for Improved Emulsion Production

Date : 25 Sep. 2023 Perfecting Emulsions through Vortex Cavitation Liquid-liquid emulsions are the backbone of multiple industries, from food and healthcare to cosmetics and chemical processing. The quality of an emulsion largely depends on the droplet size distribution (DSD), which influences factors like rheology, appearance, and stability. Traditional methods such as high-pressure homogenizers and …

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Pre-treatment of Distillery Spent Wash with Vortex-Based Cavitation

Date : 7 September 2023 A Game-Changer in Anaerobic Digester Operations Distilleries produce a high volume of wastewater known by various names such as spent wash, vinasse, slop, stillage, or distillery effluent. These streams present a significant environmental challenge due to their high Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and other pollutants. However, they also offer an …

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Enhancing Biomethane Potential of Brown Sludge through Vortex-Based Hydrodynamic Cavitation

Date : 6 September 2023 A Leap Forward in Dairy Waste Management The dairy processing industry is a substantial generator of wastewater and sludge. It is estimated that dairy food processing wastewater treatment can generate up to 20 kg dairy processing sludge (DPS) per m3 of milk processed. According to estimates across EU, 2.45 million …

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Launching VORTA , Vortex Reactor

In the dynamic landscape of scientific advancements, a new era dawns upon us with the introduction of the precisely engineered vortex reactor, VORTA . The culmination of cutting-edge research and innovative engineering, the VORTA reactor promises to redefine the way we approach process intensification, offering unparalleled efficiency and transformative potential in maximizing the resource utilization and extract the utmost value from the process assets.
In this inaugural blog post, we embark on a journey of discovery as we delve into the world of vortex cavitation and its groundbreaking applications in various process and waste streams.
The Power of Vortex Cavitation:
Cavitation, the rapid formation and collapse of vapor bubbles in a liquid, has long been harnessed in various industrial processes.
However, the VORTA reactor takes this phenomenon to a new level by introducing a precisely engineered vortex flow that amplifies cavitation effects by controlling it within core of the vortex without introducing any small holes or a constriction in the flow.
This intricate design leads to intense local pressures and temperatures within the reactor, triggering a cascade of unique effects that were once thought to be unattainable. From emulsions to waste water valorisation, the potential applications of VORTA reactor are limitless.

Efficiency Redefined:
One of the most exciting aspects of the VORTA reactor is its unparalleled efficiency and long working life. Traditional cavitation reactors often use small constrictions or high-speed rotors and therefore require high pressure and lead to significant energy consumption. These cavitation reactors are susceptible to choking which limit their application to slurries and waste streams containing solids. Most importantly, these reactors are susceptible to erosion damage because of cavitation since cavitation zone is adjacent to device walls. In contrast, the VORTA reactor harnesses swirling flows and operates under milder operating conditions, leading to drastic reduction in energy consumption. VORTA also shields device walls from cavitation by retaining cavity collapse zone to vortex core. The result? Faster reaction kinetics, higher yields, and a reduced environmental footprint.

Unlocking New Possibilities:
The VORTA reactor not only streamlines existing chemical processes but also paves the way for entirely new avenues of exploration. Researchers and scientists are now empowered to delve into uncharted territories of process intensification, or to even discovering novel compounds and materials that were once deemed elusive. From sustainable fuel sources to advanced drug formulations, the VORTA reactor’s impact on various industries is poised to be transformative.

Our revolutionary reactor is now online at , ready to transform industries and accelerate innovation. Join us in reshaping the world of new possibilities towards a more sustainable future and embark on a journey of limitless innovation

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